Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dear MySpace, Enhance Our Experience, Not Your Advertising Dollar.

MySpace continues to grow, moving to China, spanning across all genres of interests and making the most of the dollar amount its worth. Now MySpace musicians can sell their music on MySpace through their music store, wow, that's great!

Honestly, MySpace, I was thinking that your messy advertising and slow connection were just a phase. But, I'm beginning to think you really don't care about how I feel. I read recently that Murdoch is going to start profiling each MySpace user based on their interests, then he's going to try and sell them something! If you're a teenage girl who loves Fall Out Boy, they'll try and sell you Panic! at the Disco's new album. Don't believe me? Read that super news at This article

That's all well and good, I know you have to make money too, I wouldn't want your dear wife going without food and all...But there are some things that I would like before you start bombarding me with ads and up-sells while I'm simply trying to network with friends, enemies and frenemies.

1. Customizable MySpace page, similar to Blogger's widget templates. I don't want to go to some 3rd party, hacked MySpace layout website, give them my e-mail address and get 50 viruses on my computer. Also, what if I don't know HTML at all? I'm just asking for something small built in...Background color? Font? Image inputting into my page EASILY!?

2. Prettier, customizable blog area. Your blog area right now is pretty sad, sorry to say. Its more like posting announcements on my page than an actual, personalized blog.

3. Less SPAM groups. Is there any way you could be a little pickier when it comes to MySpace groups? I think you have about a million of them, half of which are something like, "for only $10 per month you could be a millionaire!" Really? Oh, yea why didn't I think of that earlier!?

4. Less spam users, bulletins EVERYWHERE basically. I get at least two MySpace friend requests from blatant spammers. Don't' get me wrong, its a free site and open for everyone, but why don't you use that creative advertising dollar mind of yours to come up with a way to filter this shit out?

5. Load up time decrease. Sometimes I log in quickly and easily. Other times I can't log in at all! "Oops! Myspace encountered a problem, try again later!" I get that message one out of every 7 times I try to log in. Seriously, this can't be all that difficult.

6. Have you heard of Web 2.0? You sure know how to make changes when it comes to adding new advertising pop-ups every time I log in, on the front page, within every page, all over the music I'm trying to listen to and search through. Can you do something with your crummy, hurts my eyes, icky to look at layout please?

7. Don't I deserve it? Why don't you start treating your users, the way they deserve to be treated. After all, without them, you advertising dollar would be worth an advertising six pence.

With Love,

Every MySpace User

P.S. We aren't stupid, I guess that's what you think? Adding more advertising means we'll just click on it more, right? Like monkeys we can't tell the difference? We don't need functionality, ease and aesthetically appealing sites, we don't even understand what that means!

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